JailBreak iPhone 3G 2.2 Mac OS X With PwnageTool 2.2.1

Jailbreak is a process of opening phone gadget to insert application from the third party. Jailbreake is done to create firmware with extension .ipsw. This firmware won’t be contained with new baseband that comes with firmware update. Meanwhile user still hope to get new features that will be gotten in new firmware of iPhone 3G.

To jailbreak your iPhone 3g 2.2 user now can use PwnageTool 2.2.1. If your iPhone is contained with Mac Operating System X,  QuickPwn for windows operating system. Here you can download the tool that you can use for jailbreak your iPone 3G 2.2, PwnageTool. To download this tool you can visit this site http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4527959/PwnageTool_2.2.1.dmg.

The unavailablity of this tool in this site is because the size is too big to be downloadded and impossible for admin to upload. So I am sorry for this unconvenience.

YellowSnow For Unlocking iPhone

YellowSnow is an innovation which has been created by Dev Team in facing the existence of iPhone 3G that has been become people smartphone favorite. Dev Team make a innovation by releasing the firmware which can be used for unlocking iPhone 3G. Unlocking iPhone by Using YellowSnow mean that make the iPhone 3G able to be inserted applications come from the other stores except Apple iPhone store.

YellowSnow for the first time was release with 0.9 beta version and works at Firmware 2.2 baseband 02.28. iPhone user can jailbreak their smartphone by using PWnageTool and also QuickPWN. It is depend on the operating system that is used. When the iPhone is using Mac OS X, Jailbreaking can be done with PWnageTool. Meanwhile when the operating system that is used in iPhone is Windows, Jailbreaking can be done with QuickPWN.

The next generation was released by Dev Team was YellowSnow 0.9.4 beta version. However there still some problems that appear during the installation. YellowSnow 0.9.4 was followed by YellowSnow 0.9.5 which is included with STK issue and outgoing call then was followed by YellowSnow 0.9.6 which was fixing many bugs which appeared at the older version.

Meanwhile in Apple Store now has made firmware 2.2.1 available. If you still want to keep your unlocked iPhone 3G and keep to insert the other application from third party so don’t upgrade your firmware. Keep your iPhone with firmware 2.2 baseband 02.28.